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Go For the Food: Shawarma in Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Don’t tell the folks over at avant-garde eateries Noma and Geranium, but for many visitors to Denmark’s capital, the biggest culinary sensation isn’t Nordic fusion. That honor goes to Shawarma Grill House, which for more than 30 years has been dishing out …

A tuna sandwich by way of bruschetta


Sometimes the last thing you want to do at the end of a long hot summer day is turn on the oven and make a meal. So here’s a delicious solution that requires no more heat than is necessary to grill up some bread. The …

Go for the Food: Reindeer dogs from Alaska’s cranky hot dog vendor


ANCHORAGE, Alaska — There’s no shortage of hot dog stands hawking that spicy, oh-so-Alaska treat, the reindeer dog, in downtown Anchorage. But only one of them has consistently long lines.

M.A.’s Gourmet Dogs is owned by a guy with an attitude and seven types of …

Lay’s newest flavor: Cappuccino?

NEW YORK — American palates have changed considerably over the years, but is the country ready for cappuccino-flavored Lay’s?

Frito-Lay, the snack division of PepsiCo Inc., will announce on Wednesday the coffee-flavored chips as one of the four finalists for its second annual “Do Us …

Jam sessions: Think way outside the PBJ


It was probably 15 years ago that I discovered the magic that is a nearly empty jar of jam.

Until then, I always had hated those sticky-knuckle moments of scraping the slimy dregs of the jar, hoping I had enough to add that sweet balance …

Go For the Food: Dim sum in the Land of Barbecue


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Yes, even in the Land of Barbecue, there are other artery-challenging options beyond the slab. The weekend crowds at Bo Lings Chinese restaurant long have suggested that plenty of people in this barbecue fumes-driven metro area often prefer their pork steamed …

Rethinking rollups for filling, packed lunch


With a new school year on the horizon, it’s time to think about what’s for lunch.

Brown-bagging it is plenty economical, but a steady diet of sandwiches becomes boring pretty quickly, to say nothing of the fact that all of those servings of refined carbs …

Losing the leafy greens for a fresh green salad


With salad season in full swing, it’s inevitable that you soon will be sick of your go-to mix of greens. Doesn’t matter if you favor romaine or Boston, herbed mixes or arugula, or even old-school iceberg. In short order, the idea of yet another bowl …

Go For the Food: Italian food in Wyeth country


CHADDS FORD, Pa. — If you love art by the Wyeth family — N.C., his son Andrew and grandson Jamie — then a day in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, is a must. Tour the places where they lived, worked and were inspired, and enjoy three generations …

Food safety a new frontier for legal pot


DENVER — The marijuana in those pot brownies isn’t the only thing that can potentially make consumers sick. The industry and regulators are taking a closer look at how pot-infused edibles are actually made.

The thriving edible-marijuana industry in Colorado is preparing for new testing …

Elevate basic pasta salad with feta, shrimp


We’ve all suffered through them — those limp, soggy excuses for pasta salad that amount to little more than elbow macaroni doused with bottled vinaigrette and tossed with a bag of frozen peas. But we can do so much better with a dish that has …

Go For the Food: ‘Rocket’ rules in Haverhill


HAVERHILL, Mass. — Sometimes the best time to visit a community is when it’s struggling. Because when a place is itching for a comeback, that’s when exciting — and often delicious — things start happening. And that’s the case with Haverhill, a northern Massachusetts city …

Craft brews mixing it up on cocktail scene


Cocktail connoisseurs are falling for craft beers in a new way — as a mixer. Bars around the country are tapping into the trend of mixing artisanal brews with hard liquor to create new, refreshing cocktails. Can’t see how it works? How about a bold …

Making lamb leaner for a healthier burger


Beef may claim to be what’s for dinner in America, but in the Middle East, that honor often goes to lamb. It’s prepared in innumerable ways, but my favorite is when the lamb is ground, spiced and grilled, then topped with some kind of yogurt …

Strawberry-balsamic glaze partners with pork


When you discover foods that have a natural affinity for one another, it’s easy to find numerous excuses to enjoy them together.

One of my favorites is strawberries and balsamic vinegar. Both sport assertively sweet, nicely acidic flavors that not only work well together but …

Go For the Food: In Annapolis, crab rules


ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Do not wear your Sunday best. That’s the first rule for eating messy crabs here on the Chesapeake Bay. Everything else — demonstrating brutal hammer skills, sending up clouds of powdered spice blend, shaking the wobbly communal picnic tables — can be …