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Go For the Food: Bryant’s barbecue in K.C.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — I learned an important lesson from a food blogger in Kansas City: Talking about barbecue in these parts may involve “fightin’ words.” Case in point: When I mentioned on Facebook that I was heading to Kansas City, one friend sent me …

Give thanks for pie spiked with cheddar, whiskey


Apples and cheddar cheese are such a wonderful pairing, they often are combined in pies.

The result is deliciously sweet, with just a hint of creamy-savory for balance.

We love this combination, but we decided we could make it better. We started by adding a …

Cyber sous chefs can help save prep time


If the only things standing between you and a home-cooked meal are time and energy to shop and prep, a new breed of would-be cyber sous chefs wants to help get you cooking.

Think of it as Hamburger Helper for the era. Numerous new …

Go For the Food: Cattlemen’s in Oklahoma City


OKLAHOMA CITY — I came from the land of kale and quinoa to dine in the land of meat and potatoes.

As a New Yorker on a road trip through Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, I was told by any number of locals that I had …

Make your own chicken stock: It rocks


Why bother making chicken stock at home when there are so many respectable versions at the supermarket?

Because the stock you pour out of a can or a box just can’t touch the homemade variety.

The difference is in the flavor and the texture, both …

Paula Deen documentary: Her side of downfall


Paula Deen is ready to tell her side of the story behind the racist remark that decimated her career, but those interested will need to pay to hear it.

The former Food Network star has been working on a documentary about herself and her downfall …

Ten fresh ways to serve pasta for dinner


Pasta tends to be a dinnertime trap.

We get it. Feeding your family on a busy weeknight requires the navigation of a complicated matrix in which you must balance the competing demands of limited cooking time, ingredient availability, dwindling energy and patience, picky children, ringing …

Garten’s new book features make-ahead meals


Ina Garten is a best-selling cookbook author, an Emmy-winning television host and the doyenne of casual elegance.

But on a recent afternoon, the so-called “Barefoot Contessa” star looked around her East Hampton, New York, kitchen and realized that she had produced piles of cherry biscotti …

Go For the Food: Santa Fe twist on roadside diner


SANTA FE, N.M. — There is no shortage of good food in this northern New Mexico town, where the many casual and gourmet takes on the state’s trademark chile dishes are almost as big a draw as the city’s art galleries and festivals.

The question …

Phan: 20 years of defining modern Vietnamese food


SAN FRANCISCO — There were a few raised eyebrows when Charles Phan unveiled his concept of a simple but stylish restaurant serving Vietnamese food with a modern, Californian twist. After all, this was the mid-’90s, when the predominant trend in Asian food was cheap and …

Go For the Food: The ultimate beer run in Vermont


MONTPELIER, Vt. — Let’s not call this a “beer run.” That has such a Friday night frat boy connotation. Let’s instead call this a “beer journey.”

The ultimate beer journey. For the ultimate cult beer.

If you have even a passing interest in great beer, …

Fall flavor: pumpkin pie in a cinnamon bun

A pumpkin pie. Rolled up in a cinnamon bun.

Do we have your attention yet?

That’s right. We took our autumn baking to a delicious new level by combining two classics, then topping them with an intensely good homemade caramel sauce spiked with flaked sea …

Dorie Greenspan: Here’s what you should bake next


The annoying thing about Dorie Greenspan is that no matter how much you don’t like to bake, aren’t good at baking, don’t even want to bake ... If you listen to her long enough, you’ll find yourself hankering to get your hands into some flour, …

Go For the Food: Bourbon in Louisville


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — In Kentucky’s bourbon country, the classic American whiskey isn’t just for sipping anymore.

Restaurants stretching along the Urban Bourbon Trail in Louisville are creating bourbon-inspired sauces and glazes to jazz up main courses, side dishes and desserts.

The 6-year-old bourbon cocktail and …

Go For the Food: Famous noodles in Bangkok


BANGKOK — With its fluorescent bulbs and cafeteria-style tables, the Bangkok restaurant Raan Jay Fai wouldn’t win any awards for interior decorating.

But that hasn’t deterred Martha Stewart, one of the restaurant’s many fans. After a visit and memorable meal, the decor guru called the …

Lyonnais-style salad, plus an easier way to poach an egg


Several years ago, Lyonnais salads were quite the rage in New York’s French bistros.

Then the fad faded and I forgot all about them. That is until this summer, when I had the opportunity to teach some classes in Lyons and reacquainted myself with this …