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Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Heurist for ADVANCED SYSTEMS the Next Generation of Talent Management, supports mid size to small business who want a new status quo. Call …Read More

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  • Yes, business ethics can be measured

    When small businesses to even much larger ones look at metrics, one of the very rare and overlooked ones is the adherence to business ethics. There is documented research from organizations, such as Ethics Resource Center, Gallup and various universities measuring the impact of business …Read More

  • Good talent is hard to find

    The business landscape has changed especially when it comes to the workforce. Beyond having three to four generations in the workplace, the ongoing Silver Tsunami along with a shrinking qualified talent pool has many employers scrambling to find good employees. Add the Manpower findings last …Read More

  • Attention to metrics can help build client base

    To secure new business requires people finding out about you, your company and your solutions. This discovery process is called marketing. Without solid marketing, you will remain pocket poor. What is interesting is the lack of established metrics by small businesses specific to how much …Read More

  • Measurement a recipe for business success or failure

    “What gets measured in life, gets managed” is a tried and true statement. Count your calories and you probably will lose weight. Walk 10,000 steps and the weight starts coming off if you count your calories. Metrics for your small business are no exception. The …Read More

  • Passionate leadership resonates with employees, core values

    What better way to conclude the February theme of leadership than by having the founder of Inspiration Fitness, Angela Ramos, share her insights on leadership? Ramos is a hands-on leader from being a certified international fitness trainer/coach, author of “3 Steps to Your Best Body …Read More

  • Great leadership means making tough decisions

    Today is President’s Day. This is a day that originally honored George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Today, this day celebrates past and present presidents while providing a three-day mid-winter holiday for many workers. Being president of the United States or of an organization is not …

    Results-based leadership now preferred to bring success

    Think for a moment of a leader you appreciate or admire. Then jot down three of his or her qualities that make this person a leader to you. If you were in a group of three or more, do you believe everyone would identify the …

  • Ineffective leadership reduces chance of business success

    Leadership is what makes or breaks any organization from the single office/home office to the Fortune 100 global firms. As those in leadership roles sift through all their corporate challenges, they are finding ineffective leadership is the root cause for these obstacles to business and …Read More

  • Talent management is a critical investment, not a cost

    Many, when hearing “talent management,” may think of human resources or HR. Talent management is far more than HR and probably contributes more to the bottom line than any other trend, including technology. Years ago, a mentor of mine shared a story. He was speaking …Read More

  • Content marketing is another small business trend with big future

    Did you know 50 percent of U.S. small businesses do not have a website? According to Yodle, in June 2013, 52 percent of small businesses surveyed did not have a website. In 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau revealed 75.2 percent of the 14,441,089 businesses surveyed …Read More

  • Mobility is driving Big Data to the local-to-global market

    Human beings, as social creatures, love being connected This love has created the nomophobia, the fear of not being connected to one’s mobile devices, as well as pushing this trend of mobility deeper and deeper into daily business operations. In September, smart phones accounted for …

    Paying attention to trends can pay off

    Small business owners to sales professionals sometimes spend so much time in the trenches they fail to leave those well beaten pathways to see what is on the horizon. This may explain why I hear these remarks so many times: • “I never heard about that” …

    Visionary leadership keeps the focus on simplicity

    With the end of the year just one day away, what better time is it to have a noted and proven leader here in Northwest Indiana communicate his thoughts about leadership? Gus Olympidis is the president and CEO of Family Express Corp. with corporate headquarters …

    What does Santa know that you don’t about the value of employees?

    Christmas Eve is just two days away and all those elves at the North Pole are very busy in Santa’s shop. Santa cannot afford to lose any elf right now or during the rest of the year because he’s one smart small business owner. Years …

    Keep tabs on your sales process

    The word “sales” is so confusing. This word has multiple meanings including: • An actual transaction • A selling behavior • A marketing behavior • A role • A process Again with the year coming to an end, this is probably the best time to reflect upon this word of …

  • So Who Buys From You?

    In reviewing your customers from the last 12 months, who buys what you sell? This may sound too simple and yet is critical to sustainable business growth. Recently, I had a conversation with Fred McMurray, of Media Vine Marketing and LinkedLocal Network. He asked me, …Read More

  • Business reflection should be an ongoing process

    As the year comes to a close, many in small business are reviewing numbers, checking to see if sales goals were achieved and forecasting next year’s business growth. In probably more cases than not, this reflection has more to do with paying corporate taxes than …Read More