Bradshaw: Summer admissions work can really pay off

Few high school students are thinking about college right now, and rightfully so with the school year ending and summer ahead.

Yet this is no …

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Bradshaw: Ivy League offers advantages; so do other schools

Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I am thinking about applying to an Ivy League college. I live in a small town and not many of my high school’s graduates have attended an Ivy. My guidance counselor, parents and friends have differing views of the benefits of an …

Bradshaw: Why colleges are attracted to STEM students

Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I am a 4.0 STEM student interested in technology or engineering. I have combined SAT scores of 2,250. I have an 800 SAT ll math score, an 800 score in chemistry, and a 775 score in world history. I am applying to …

Bradshaw: It’s never too early to start on college prep work

As we approach Aug. 1, which is the opening date for the Common Application, I have been receiving questions from high school freshmen and sophomores who are “thinking/planning/scheming” about the best way to prepare for the application process. First of all, let me congratulate you …

Admissions essays not licenses to bore

Dear Mr. Bradshaw, The Common Application opens on Aug. 1, and I am struggling with what to write about in the required essays. I am a top student (a probable valedictorian) and will be applying to colleges in the Ivy League, the University of Chicago …

Thinking grad school? ‘Cluster’ your courses

Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I am a high school African-American female who will be applying to colleges this year. I hope to apply to Notre Dame and other top universities. Is there any advice you can offer me before I start the application process? I am …

An open mind is an asset when picking classes

Parents always ask what their children should study in college. No matter what their major might turn out to be — history, economics or engineering — I always recommend a good reading list in the sciences to help answer that question. At the top of …

Yes, college rankings do carry a lot of clout

Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I will be applying to college in the fall. I am confused about the importance of college rankings. Are there real advantages to be gained by attending a higher-ranked school? If so what are they? I was told that it didn’t really …

  • No shortcuts to success on standardized tests

    Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I am a high school sophomore concerned about studying for the ACT. I am worried that just going over the practice tests in prep books might not be enough to help improve my scores. I am not sure how you tutor, but …Read More

  • Special forces veteran has a strong case

    Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I am a staff sergeant in a special forces unit stationed in Afghanistan and in a leadership position attached to the International Security Assistance Force. I will be applying to college this fall for classes that start in the fall of 2015. …Read More

  • Admission rejections aren’t always the final word

    Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I am embarrassed to say that I have been rejected by every college and university that I have applied to. I am sure that the major reason for my rejection is my low GPA. During my interview with the film school admission …Read More

  • Jury’s out on changes to the SAT test

    Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I am a parent of a high school freshman who will have to take the new SAT when she applies for college in 2017. She can take the ACT, but I am not sure whether this test or the SAT is preferred …

    Essays can make or break your college admissions

    Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I want to prepare a really solid college application. I know that you have said that the essays are important, but just how much weight do they carry in the admissions decision? I plan to apply to a wide range of colleges …

    Students of all ages use admissions consultant

    I was recently interviewed by a group of New York City high school students. The interview was conducted over Skype by the editor of the school’s newspaper. Following are some excerpts from that interview: Student: Why did you become a college consultant? Bradshaw: I was …

    Rejection letters a reality for many

    Dear Mr. Bradshaw, My application has been rejected by several top colleges and I am upset. I have a 4.250 GPA, 2,100 on the SAT, and ranked fifth in my class. I have yet to hear from schools in the Ivy League, which are even …

  • Think hard about college choice and class selections

    Many parents are so delighted at the thought that their son or daughter stands a chance of being admitted to a top college or university that they are tempted to choose a major for the child. It is not unusual for parents to wish to …Read More

  • Bring questions of your own to college interview

    Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I have submitted all of my college applications and have been contacted by several schools about schedule interviews. I am nervous about these meetings and want to be prepared. Any advice? Signed, Student Dear Student, Being nervous is normal. The person conducting …Read More

  • High schools play role in Ivy League acceptance

    Dear Mr. Bradshaw, I hear rumors that my chances of getting admitted to an Ivy League college may depend upon what high school I attended. Do Ivy League schools take more applicants from certain high schools over others? And, if so, which high schools have …Read More