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Mike Hutton has been writing a sports column for the Post-Tribune since 1998. He has been honored as a top 10 columnist nationally by the …Read More

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Hutton: Pay for play: Hard concept for players to grasp

For all the chest-thumping and high-fiving the College Athletes Players Association has done the past 10 days, in the wake of the ruling that allows Northwestern football players to vote on unionization, there is one seemingly quiet but important faction that has largely been ignored. …

  • HUTTON: Bowman laying low for state title

    INDIANAPOLIS — Bowman has heard it all. The renegade team from Gary? It is out there. So what. Deal with the Eagles. Marvin Rea has been able to collect kids from all over the city because they are starved to play basketball for a great …Read More

  • HUTTON: Tye Wilburn makes the call as Lake Central heads to state

    LAFAYETTE — Tye Wilburn had the most skin in the game Saturday. Wilburn had guaranteed a trip to the state finals on the first day of workouts. “I called it,” he said, looking straight ahead, his chin up and his chest out while relaxing in …Read More

  • HUTTON: Austin Richie riding with Broncos to Tournament

    Austin Richie, gun slinger. That’s how Richie, the quintessential Indiana jump shooter, son of a basketball coach, left Lowell three years ago. He scored 50 points in a game once. He averaged 33.2 ppg. his senior year. He shot 95 percent from the free-throw line …

  • Hutton: Lake Central rides ‘Scooter’ to first regional title since 1984

    Yes, it’s going to take Lake Central fans, players and coaches time to get used to being the 2014 Michigan City Regional Champions. To get used to dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s properly. They are going to have

  • HUTTON: Area recruits would help Matt Painter restore Purdue’s luster

    I like Matt Painter, so I’m going to offer some free advice. Advice I’d never just give away to Tom Crean ’cause everyone around knows Indiana isn’t really serious about recruiting this corner of the state. When is the last time they were really interested …

  • HUTTON: Deciphering the boys hoops sectional maze

    It’s sectional time. That means readers get the opportunity to crucify me after I incorrectly pick the winners and losers of every sectional game in every bracket. I’ve been picking winners — some would mostly say losers — for years now. I no longer feel …Read More

  • Hutton: Perfect ending for Glenn Robinson III in emotional win

    WEST LAFAYETTE — Well, that was just perfect, wasn’t it? The school that orphaned Glenn Robinson III. The school that turned its back on one of its own — the week after the Boilers honored his father, Glenn Robinson, for being one of the greatest …

    HUTTON: Sportsmanship banquet celebrates its 60th birthday

    SCHERERVILLE — Back in the day, before Twitter and Facebook, before a 24-hour news cycle and before kids had their own personal platforms to self promote, they had issues with sportsmanship. It’s a universal theme, especially in the region where basketball is hugely popular and …

    HUTTON: Kirk Kennedy on the move again after a year at North Judson

    And the seasons they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down We’re captive on the carousel of time We can’t return we can only look Behind from where we came And go round and round and round In the circle …

  • HUTTON: Teenage athletes need to know it’s OK to be gay

    Sam Provenzano plays tennis and basketball these days with an unbridled, competitive, insatiable ferociousness that might seem out of place for a grown man. He is making up for a lost opportunity. He was an excellent basketball player through grade and middle school. Lanky and …Read More

  • HUTTON: Northwestern’s move to unionize is step in right direction

    The visceral, immediate reaction for Tony Karras at the thought of the football team at his alma mater, Northwestern, applying for union representation, wasn’t at all positive. His brothers on the football team were ingrates, he thought, who haven’t had enough time to value the …

  • Hutton: Bad weather turning hoops season upside down

    Come settle around the fire, boys and girls, and let me tell what it was like when I went to school. They didn’t have two-hour delays. If the temperatures were subzero outside, bundling up in an Eskimo coat and wearing long underwear, hats and gloves …Read More

  • HUTTON: Sweet concept: History of the Valpo free throw

    Virgil Sweet didn’t set out to write a book called “Specifics of Free Throw Shooting” that would take him around the world to lecture about the fundamentals of shooting free throws. He simply wanted a job. In the summer of 1953, when he landed an …

  • HUTTON: College realignment has created new chaos

    The shake-up in the college basketball landscape has unintentionally created a new buzz this year. There is a whole new set of games and potential rivalries down the road that were never going to materialize without a nudge from somewhere. Sometimes, greed is good. The …Read More

  • Hutton: Marc Trestman’s job should be on the line next year

    I was continually stupefied by this strange phenomena: The free pass that Bears coach Marc Trestman received this season for what was a pretty mediocre performance. It’s too early in his tenure to ask for his job on a platter, but it wasn’t a great …

    HUTTON: Down-and-out Irish score another big upset

    SOUTH BEND — These are three clichés that Mike Brey owns: “Let ’er rip,” “I’m the loosest coach in America” and “let’s play like we have nothing to lose.” He wears a sport jacket, with no tie. The top button of his shirt is always …